Monday, November 15, 2010

Karate School to Host Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive


BOSTON (Allston), Mass., November 15, 2010

On Saturday, December 4th from noon to 4:00 pm, Boston's Emerald Necklace Martial Arts will be hosting a bone marrow donor registration drive to benefit the DKMS Bone Marrow Registry, the largest bone marrow registry in the world.

The Drive is being organized and led by Amanda Laskowski, a blue belt student at Emerald Necklace, as part of a community service project that she is completing to earn her next belt ranking at the dojo (karate school).

The inspiration behind the drive is Laskowski's yearly trip to Camp Sunshine, a camp located in Casco, ME for families who have children with life threatening illnesses. Laskowski volunteers for the Fanconi Anemia session at the Camp: Fanconi Anemia is a blood disease that results in bone marrow failure, and while there is no cure for Fanconi Anemia, a bone marrow transplant can greatly extend a patient's life.

"Sometimes you can't even tell that these kids are sick, but their disease is very real," Laskowski said. "Knowing that I can try and help them out in any way gives me hope that someday a cure will be found."

On the day of the drive, potential donors will fill out a questionnaire and undergo a cheek swab to determine if they can be added to the registry. Individuals who are unable to donate bone marrow are still strongly encouraged to come to the event to provide personnel support at the station tables and to make a financial donation.

The bone marrow donor registration drive is one of several concurrent service projects at the dojo. Karate students are also holding their annual "Toys for Tots" holiday toy collection drive, and their annual "Caps for Kids" drive to create and collect hand-knitted scarves, hats, and gloves for Boston-area children in need.

For more information on Camp Sunshine, Fanconi Anemia or the DKMS bone marrow drive please visit their websites:,, For more information about Emerald Necklace Martial Arts or the community service projects that are being sponsored by the dojo, please visit or contact Sensei Jason Gould, dojo Director and Chief Instructor at (617) 202-3856.

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