Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fighting and Facing 40

I've not much to report this week, although I taught at the "Boston Martial Arts Academy" back on August 28. It was a fun experience, and it was good to connect with other martial arts instructors from the area. In the morning, I worked directly with Ezra Dyer, a reporter from the Improper Bostonian. (See his blog here.) Ezra was covering the event with a neat angle: he has no previous martial arts experience, so in the morning, I trained him in point sparring techniques for three straight hours. Then, at noon, we squared off for two three-point matches to see how he could perform under pressure against a more skilled opponent — me. (You can imagine the results, I'm sure, but it was fun, and Ezra was a good sport about the whole thing. I'll have to see if the article ever makes it to print.)

By the way, Ezra, if you're reading this — I've been reading your column, and I know that you and your wife just had a baby boy, too. Please tell your son Rhys that my son Caleb says hello:

All in good fun, my friend!

In the afternoon at the BMAA, I taught two physical classes and then two lectures on the origins and history of Okinawan karate. I think both were well received.

Oh, and the 29th was my birthday. It came and went without much fanfare, which is pretty much the way I prefer it. But now at 39, I'm trying to set and go after some meaningful goals that can be accomplished within the next year, so that I hit the milestone of 40 at a dead sprint and in the best mental/physical/spiritual shape of my life.

Summer is coming to an end.

Caleb, at 4 months, is almost 20 pounds.

Ava starts pre-K in another week.

For now, I'm looking forward now to some down time with family over the holiday weekend.

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T. said...

Congrats on the successful BMAA experience, and remember, age is just a number. Good times.