Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eating Like A Champion, Part IV: A Trip to the Allston Farmer's Market

In the past few weeks, I've been writing a lot on my martial arts training blog about how the way we eat connects directly to our level of health and vitality.

Eating Like A Champion
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Part II: Lunch
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You've probably heard me say at one point or another that healthy eating is self-defense. Sure, an attack from that mugger in the dark alley is a part of we train for in the dojo, but truth be told, we're much more likely to suffer pain, discomfort, and long-term physical damage as a result of what we stuff into our mouths on a daily basis. I'm learning that our diet can contribute to or prevent all manner of maladies that have an impact on our quality of life: obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancers, joint problems, type II diabetes, and more — all of these can be caused, exacerbated, alleviated or prevented all together depending in a large part on how we eat.

Well, what we eat starts with what we choose to buy and prepare for our meals, and for the meals of our families.

I've be reading a lot about diet and nutrition, and even more about being conscious about the sources of our food. In an ideal world, we'd always have access to locally grown, sustainably harvested, organic produce that's good for our bodies, our local communities, and our environment. Well, even here in the busy city, we have options available to us!

I recently dropped in to visit the Farmer's Market in my neighborhood — what an amazing and festive atmosphere! I brought my camera along for the ride, and shot some video:

While at the Farmer's Market, I took the opportunity to interview some of the local vendors. If you like, please check out the short clips I shot of the wonderful folks from Monkey Joe Roasting Company, or E.L. Silvia Farms, or Dragonfly Farms.

There were other vendors there, too: I haven't gotten all the still photos off my camera yet, but when I do, I'll add the photos here! More information about the Farmer's Market, including dates, times and featured vendors can be found here.

I was so excited by what I found at the market, that I sat down to film some of the amazing vegetables I bought:

The time at the Farmer's Market was time well spent. And the meal I prepared from the foods I picked up there was very, very tasty.

Shop locally if you can. 

Practice good self-defense, and eat for your health!

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